Bible Code 3 cover
Final Predictions from the Bestselling Series
Saving the World is the focus of this riveting new book about the Bible Code, a miracle proven real by modern science. For 3000 years a code in the Bible remained hidden. Now it has been unlocked by computer—and may reveal our future. The code was broken by a world-famous Israeli mathematician, then confirmed by a senior code-breaker at the top secret U.S. National Security Agency. And it keeps coming true. More
Bible Code III: A Preview
On May 28, 2008, six months before the election, I sent Barack Obama a letter through Oprah Winfrey stating three predictions:“(1) You will win the Democratic nomination and become President;“(2) You may, as a result of your victories, be assassinated but that danger can be prevented;“(3) You can, as President, prevent an otherwise nearly certain nuclear terror attack.” More
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