Obama won Iowa, just as the code predicted. And the code also said that a black man would be "President of the United States."

Diagram 2

And yet it was inconceivable when we found the prediction in December 2007. Hillary Clinton was ahead by 30 points in every poll, and Obama was black and barely known. But the code stated his victory, in the first primary and the November election.

Clinton and McCain were not even in the race, not in the code. Only Obama. It declared him President before anyone had voted.

The Bible Code did not predict the obvious. Again and again it predicted what no one believed possible — and then it came true.

Diagram 3

Again the code matrix was perfect. "B. Obama is President" with his name a second time just below, "President" also repeated and the Biblical month of the election "Heshvan," November.

When it happened, on November 4, it was a miracle, actually two miracles. An African-American had been elected President. And the Bible Code had predicted it almost a year in advance — in a text that was 3000 years old.

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